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James Gerard Shaw first visited Our Lady of the Cape as Feature Editor for the British United Press on August 15th, 1948 - the day Isabelle Naud went home from the Blessing of the Sick and rose from the wheel-chair she had been tied to for ten years. In 1950 he succeeded Fr. John Mole, OMI, as editor of Our Lady of the Cape magazine, a position he left in 1953 to devote himself to writing books. His first, the story of Our Lady of the Cape, is presented below for educational purposes. 
Shaw's unique insight, writing at the height of Marian piety in Canada, and with access to the exhaustive archives at the Cape, reveals many crucial details long forgotten about the extraordinary story of Canada's spiritual heritage ... a careful listen is almost certainly bound to lead the listener to a "Cape Conversion; the "aha" moment one experiences upon discovering​ the length, depth and breadth of​ Heaven's Divine design through the founding of Cap-de-la-Madeleine and the story of Our Lady of the Cape."





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