Heart to Heart Guide

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Includes - Dear Pilgrim, One Page Booklet Guide, Catechetical and Bible Study Reference Document.

Heart to Heart - A Divine Invitation invites a pilgrim to participate in the life of the Holy Trinity through the, “GPS for the soul” - God’s Perfect Solution; Mary, the Mother of God.

Important First Thoughts:

Pray in advance for each pilgrim you speak with. Invite the Holy Spirit to guide and speak through you. Invoke the intercession of Mary, Queen of all hearts.

Keep in mind that each pilgrim you speak with is at a unique point in their faith journey.

Initial and/or ongoing conversion of the pilgrim’s heart through faith responding to the work of God’s grace in their life is the goal of your time together. The result - freedom, joy, hope, peace, purpose and direction for each individual pilgrim including you!

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to go through the booklet. Depending on the individual pilgrim you are speaking with, the Holy Spirit may lead you in a totaly unexpected direction.

The booklet is designed to be a “conversation starter” and “question generator” leveraging key bible verses and quotes combined with images to illustrate that God has a plan and purpose for each of us; that Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Mother, will guide us.

Becoming familiar with the points presented in the Heart to Heart - A Divine Invitation introduction video on DivineInvitation.org will assist you with added perspectives not printed in the booklet.

You are also encouraged to develop your own points by referencing additional bible verses and stories not found in the booklet.

For example, you may decide to research other Marian quotes from the Saints, other apparition stories or perhaps read the chapters where the bible verses in the booklet are taken from.

Allow the Holy Spirit to inspire you to dig deeper so as to enrich your participation in the life of the Holy Trinity which in turn may be shared with the pilgrims you meet!

The inside scoop ... the rest of the story.

The Heart to Heart booklet is the product of countless hours of meditation and contemplation on two main streams of thought ... questions, really.

How does a pilgrim discover God’s will for his or her life as he or she strives to be “all in” with Jesus Christ?

How does Mary fit into that equation?

The answers to these questions gave rise to two important elements found in the booklet.

Firstly, the Marian Consecration Daily Prayer. This prayer, in itself, has the power to transform a life as pilgrims thoughtfully pray it daily. The introduction video at DivineInvitation.org breaks it down.

Secondly, the “triple heart image” found on the inside back cover profoundly depicts and clarifies, in image form, the St. Louis de Montfort quote on the opposite page. With confidence we can trust that Mary is indeed God’s Perfect Solution to guide a pilgrim safely home to heaven.

Final thoughts:

There is no neutral position for a pilgrim ... we either move toward or away from God with each decision we make. Encourage your pilgrim to begin praying the daily prayer. Intentionally entering into the life of the Holy Trinity with Mary as our guide is a safe, sure and secure method of growing in virtue and fulfilling all the God has planned for us in advance to do! Visit DivineInvitation.org for next steps and resources.