What is the Divine Invitation?


Simply put ... the Divine Invitation is an invitation to intentionally enter into and participate in the life of the Holy Trinity.

Please Watch "Heart to Heart" Video First

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Although the "Secret of Mary" videos are dated - production wise - the content delivers important insights on the subject matter. Please take advantage of downloading the free eBook available below to follow along with Fr. Hugh. Click "HERE" for online Secret of Mary book for reference.

Select the above Secret of Mary image to view the 7 part video series.

Select the above Preparation for Total Consecration image to view the 11 part video series. (See below for suggested dates)

The book we recommend is "Preparation for Total Consecration." It can be ordered below on this page or through the Montfort Fathers.

Suggested Fr. Hugh Gillespie Video Viewing Timetable

Prior to Day One: View "Secret of Mary" Videos 1 to 7  &  "Preparation for Total Consecration" Videos 1, 2 & 3

Day One: Video 4 - Renouncing the Spirit of the World

Day Thirteen: Video 5 - Knowledge of Self

Day Twenty: Video 6 - Knowledge of Mary

Day Twenty-Seven: Video 7 - Knowledge of Jesus

Prior to Act of Total Consecration: Videos 8 & 9  Act of Consecration

Preparation for Total Consecration; Published in 2012, the 300th Anniversary of True Devotion to Mary.

Living the Divine Invitation - What's Next? 

If you have made the Act of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, you are eligible to enrol in the Association of the Mary, Queen of all Hearts - Click "HERE" to enrol.

Do you pray the Rosary?, Click "HERE" to enrol in the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary.

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